Sampson Boxing proudly announces the signing of women’s amateur standout Gabriela “Sweet Poison” Fundora to a long-term promotional contract.

18-year-old Fundora, the younger sister of world-ranked super welterweight contender Sebastian “Towering Inferno” Fundora, is a remarkably tall 5’ 9” super flyweight southpaw, trained by her father, Freddy, at his increasingly popular gym in Coachella, California.

From a boxing family where three of her brothers, her father and her mother were once fighters, Fundora started boxing at the age of six and had an extraordinary career in amateur boxing that saw her become the most heavily decorated member of the family while winning countless regional and national championships, including the 2017 USA National Junior Championship, where she was named “Boxer of the Tournament” as well as the Junior Olympics twice, and the 2017 USA Eastern and Western Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

However, because her youth made her ineligible at the time of qualifying for the next Olympics, the formerly #1-ranked Ms. Fundora will instead be turning professional in May under the Sampson Boxing promotional banner, against an opponent that is TBA. “I feel ready. This is a new chapter in my life, and I want to get started as soon as possible,” she said. “I’m very happy to be signed to the same promoter as my brother. I’ve always had him to look up to. I was always watching him train and spar and I learned from him. Any mistake he makes, I try not to do it in my fights and try to learn to do things ten times better.”

To prepare for her debut, Fundora has been alternating her time between her father’s well-regarded gym and working with other professional women in camp, most recently with former World Welterweight Champion Cecilia Braekhus in Big Bear, California.

“I’m a boxer for the most part,” said Gabriela of her fighting style, “but every fight is different and sometimes you can’t just box. I don’t mind mixing it up either. Everyone in my family is like that.”

Father Freddy says his daughter’s debut won’t be a typical one for a new prospect, as she is far more advanced from the average puncher turning pro. “She’ll be a world champion soon,” said Fundora, who also works with several world champions in addition to his fast-rising son. “She’s been around the gym since she was about four and she’s a sponge. She absorbs everything she sees and hears. She’s a threat to the champions the minute she steps in the professional ring.”

For the family patriarch, the decision to go with Sampson Boxing was an automatic one, based on the relationship they’ve already cultivated with the well-known promoter and talent scout.

“Sampson is part of the family. Signing my daughter with him means we are just keeping it in the family. She’s going to do very well for herself.”

Brother Sebastian, rated WBA #2, and WBC #8 currently at 154 lbs., agrees that his sister has made the right move.

“She still has to put in the work but it’s a little bit easier knowing that she has the promoter she deserves,” he said. “I’m very excited to watch her and I climb to the top of boxing at the same time.”

“This is an easy family to work with and I am honored to have Father Freddy’s trust to also work with his daughter Gabriela,” said Sampson Lewkowicz. “Women’s boxing can use women with her level of skills if it wants to keep growing. ‘Sweet Poison’ Fundora will be another world champion soon, along with her brother Sebastian.”