Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz Weighs in on Devin Haney’s WBC Petition to Face Javier Fortuna Immediately Upon Boxing’s Return

Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz is issuing the following statement regarding Lightweight Champion in Recess Devin Haney’s WBC petition to face number one contender Javier Fortuna immediately when boxing resumes.

Last December, Haney underwent shoulder surgery, which prompted the WBC to designate him a champion in recess during his recovery and order a fight between their top two contenders, The Dominican Republic’s Javier Fortuna and England’s Luke Campbell, for the vacant lightweight championship.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted all boxing and the Fortuna vs. Campbell fight has been postponed indefinitely, which has given Haney adequate time to recover. Haney is now asking the WBC to forego the fight for the vacant championship and instead let him face Fortuna immediately upon boxing’s return.

Lewkowicz, the long-time exclusive promoter of Fortuna, says he prefers to stick with the WBC ruling and have the winner of Fortuna and Campbell move on to face Haney, but is willing to compromise with regard to the championship status of the fight.

“Haney vs. Fortuna will be a spectacular fight when it happens, however, we already have a signed contract to fight Luke Campbell,” said Lewkowicz. “I am happy to hear that Devin Haney has had a successful recovery, but I suspect the WBC will not go back on their ruling simply because it is more convenient to one fighter.

“I propose that that Fortuna and Campbell face off for the interim title and the winner must agree to fight Devin Haney within 90 days. I further propose to let Devin Haney rightfully defend his title against a contender the WBC mandates if he agrees to face the Fortuna vs. Campbell winner next. In fact, it would be a fantastic opportunity for the WBC to show off the incredible talent in their lightweight division if both fights happened on the same show, making two fantastic main events in one night.”

Lewkowicz says he will abide by any ruling the WBC makes, but expects his Dominican power puncher will be in the ring with Campbell before the explosive showdown with Haney.

“Javier is looking forward to defeating Devin Haney, but first he will win his third world championship against Campbell. These are going to be two excellent fights that boxing fans can look forward to when the sport makes its comeback.”